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全球首發表分享The world’s first published to shareNew Theory of Charity Economicism (9) 慈善經濟主義新論(九)Frank Chen writing /陳俊吉著 2017 Dec 28


發現“馬爾薩斯論”失靈,直間接影響你寶貴生命與財富分配而不自知?!現代人更要明白此意義。If discover that population failure is directly affecting your precious life and wealth distribution,do not know it?!More modern people should understand the meaning.






Do you not know Malthuss failure to directly affect your precious life and wealth?!Modern people have to understand this meaning.


There are only a few minutes left before the Earth’s clock. Human life will be completely destroyed.Human traits forget the past,blur the present,but is ore the future.The conditions for the survival of mankind on earth need to be rapidly improved,otherwise the consequences of their own may be destroyed.


The economic characteristics of the capitalist market over the past century have failed to protect the green environment and resources on Earth.Economic activities by enterprises directly undermine the green environment and resources,such as the sunthe air and the water of free good pollution by strict public. Therefore ,there is a negative synergy on the global environmental protection and human survival,the global warming of the greenhouse caused by the human existence and loss is boundless.


人口論為什麼會失靈?!現全球人口增長速度快,不被控制。預測全球人口破百億機率大,如 印度、中國大國都是人口快速成長國家.

Why does population theory failThe global population is now growing at a fast pace and not being controlled. Predict the global population of tens of billions of broken probability , such as India and Chinas large countries are rapidly growing population of countries.




Long-term self-serving capitalist market economy,long-term neglect of social cost in the importance of the protection of the natural environment.The problem of capitalist structure is a long-term self-serving economic activity.Self-interest caused by green negative synergy,promote the forces of nature counterattack and devour our chances of survival,future human destruction of human being may disappear form the Earth. For centuries,mankind has sacrificed for self-serving capitalist weakness does not make the biggest revision .Is it worthwhile for mankind to return to humankind?!



population failure ,manifested by a serious imbalance in the ecosystem,the diminishing total utility of human life value.Under this circumstance,your precious life is shortened and wealth is not self-aware,it is determined that it is a factor of national policy,and the economic distribution of personal life value is irrelevant.Global green management legal norms level and positioning differences.Therefore,the economic activities of enterprises do not maintain green environmental protection has become an important issue of green management.If we choose capitalist economic system and wrong green policy decision,it is unfair and unreasonable for the next generation to take full responsibility for the cost of green society.



population failure is the unrestricted population of the world,doubling the use of fossil fuels,carbon emissions surge.Greenhouse effect produces climate change,climate change imperceptible to human life and survival harm without limit.Only human being are fully awakened,completely changing the self-interest-oriented economic system.Green management is definitely not a private country,global common green value concept and consistent value actions.The problem of human existence can be completely and completely solved.

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○慈善經濟主義新論新名詞(New noun of New Theory of Charity Economicism

1‧馬爾薩斯論失靈(Malthuss Population Theory failure

2‧綠色正或負財富分配(Green positive or negative wealth distribution

3‧地球世界未日時鐘(the Earth’s doomsday clock

4‧綠色正或負綜效(Green positive or negative synergy

5‧人類生命價值總效用連續不斷遞減(the diminishing total utility of human life value

6‧人類自利資本主義付出犧牲(mankind has sacrificed for self-serving capitalist

7‧寶貴生命傷害與財富貶低而不自知(your precious life is shortened and wealth is not self-aware

8‧次世代綠色社會成本(The next generation t of green social costs

9‧氣候無常變化對人類生活.生命.生存傷害無極限(The climate change impermanence hunan life,life,surval,no limit

10‧全球共同綠色價值理念與一致價值行動(global common green value concept and consistent value actions