The Rockefeller Foundation for the 21st Century


Judith Rodin discusses the Rockefeller Foundation/Time Survey on CNN July 17, 2008
Globalization全球化 -is the major trend of our time, the foremost最前的 driver引導者 of change in the world today, with consequences both beneficial受益的 and burdensome繁重的.

The Rockefeller Foundation attempts企圖to harness the creative forces of globalization, supporting breakthrough solutions to 21st century challenges.

This is smart globalization: ensuring保證 that the opportunities unleashed解除 by globalization are accessible易受影響的 to more people, more fully, in more places — and that poor and vulnerable people are equipped to seize them.

We broker partnerships和夥關係, helping people and institutions with diverse perspectives觀點;展望 unite in meaningful有意義的, collaborative合作的 alliances.

We nurture 養育innovation創新, ideas that change the way we approach problems and resolutions.

We develop and support fresh policy ideas, new products and services, and better research data to help inform and influence public discourse議題.

And in everything the Rockefeller Foundation does, we maintain a singular單一集中 focus on impact — enabling individuals, institutions, and communities to build better lives生活 and futures.Learn more更多

洛克菲勒John D. Rockefeller

...Endowed捐贈 by John D. Rockefeller and chartered特許的,正式註冊 in 1913 for the well-being 身心健康of people throughout the world. It is one of America oldest private foundations.....