遇到他人批評時 該怎麼辦

Dealing with Criticism遇到別人批評自己,該怎麼辦?
Bad reputation is very powerful to use for your practice, and it should be used that way. As a Kadampa geshe once said, "If someone criticizes you, this destroys your mistakes; it blows away immediately one’s own mistakes. If you are praised, it causes pride/the ego to inflate and causes great pride." …
Transforming bad conditions into happiness by looking at them as positive, favorable conditions is the way to make problems, bad conditions, beneficial, by using them as the path to enlightenment. How? Meditating on loving kindness and bodhichitta destroys the ego. We use them as a weapon to destroy the self-cherishing thought, which brings all obstacles. So, meditate on bodhichitta and wisdom.
In your case, use all the criticism and bad reputation, whether it is a result of your mistake or not, to destroy your ego and self-cherishing thought, which blocks one from achieving enlightenment. As long as self-cherishing abides in one’s heart, it stops one achieving enlightenment and benefiting all sentient beings. You can think of the kindness of the other person that helps you to destroy your ego. Usually, you are always supporting your ego, even developing it. Now, this person (the enemy) is helping to destroy your self-cherishing thought, so what is regarded as your enemy is really your most kind friend!
What we do is use undesirable situations, loss, etc., as experiences to be of most benefit to all sentient beings. This is not just making one’s own life emotionally happy, for some temporary peace.
There are other thought transformation teachings – so many ways you can make your life experience most beneficial for yourself and others. The essence is – if you are happy, make it beneficial for sentient beings; if you are suffering, use it as the cause to bring happiness to others. This way, whatever kind of life experience you have, use it on the path. There is no interruption to Dharma practice, and one’s life is most beneficial.
Go Tsampa said, "Others’ mistakes are one’s own mistakes. Clarify the appearance of the mistake into the deity." This means, however one is treated is the result of one’s own negative karma. Even if others create a bad reputation for you, and there is no apparent cause from your side to experience the result, still, you have to have created the cause. You can see what this yogi is saying. The second part of this technique is looking at that person as the guru, even visualizing that person in the form of a deity. This stops anger and negative emotional thoughts arising and the suffering results of those.
Go Tsampa曾說過:「他人的過錯就是自己的過錯。要淨化顯現為過錯的表象轉為本尊。」這句話的意思是,自己不論受到如何的對待,是過去自己所造惡業的結果。即便他人無端造謠,而且並沒有顯而易見的原因讓自己蒙受這樣的壞名聲,仍是過去自己曾造下的原因所導致的結果,你可以從這位瑜伽士的話了解此意。後半段意思是要將對方視作自己的上師,甚至是觀想對方是本尊形相,這麼做會停止自己的嗔心以及產生負面的情緒,之後又必須受到這些嗔心及負面情緒的結果而受苦。
Karog Geshe said, "Experiencing this small suffering now finishes past negative karma, and there will be happiness in future lives. Because it finishes past negative karma, be happy for the suffering."
Excerpted from “Criticism” in Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Online Advice Book freely distributed by Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive.
摘自「批評」一書,喇嘛梭巴仁波切線上開示的免費結緣書,由耶喜喇嘛智庫(Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archieve)出版發行。